We have grown net worth by identifying and realizing opportunities in real estate and business assets.

Solutions tailored
to fit your needs

We navigate the complexities that unlock obstacles to create real estate and business wealth.

$100 Million

Properties owned and under management in the greater Columbus area

$170 Million

in development

Diversified Property Portfolio

including industrial, commercial, residential and land advisement for development

Comprehensive development services:
industrial, mixed-use, office

We understand the sequence of steps that effectively capture and sustain real estate and business prosperity.

Assembling the Experts

Rudolph Investments draws on the expertise of professionals both inside and outside our core company.

Managing Leasing & Sales Teams

Our experienced management teams have a base of knowledge that leads us to create wealth for our investors.

Generational projects transform business

Generational projects have transformed the business of urban and suburban real estate.

We work with families to navigate the changing real estate environment by choosing the best opportunities available to create wealth.


Multiplying the land value by higher and better uses.


Understanding development options in incorporated and unincorporated locations.


Offsetting infrastructure costs with private-public partnerships.

Navigational Tools

on tractTM

Manage projects from identifying projects to realizing sustained value.


Navigate the changing economy, including lending environments, evolving regulations and new lending financial products.

net worth navigator®

Measure the progress of your bottom line on a day-to-day basis, gaining a clearer picture of your business’s financial health.

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the assets of our clients.